What Energy Codes can Teach Us about Marriage

just married sign

This toast was delivered by MEEA Building Policy Manager Alison Lindburg before the wedding of a fellow codes team member. We liked it so much, we wanted to share that lovin' feeling with you. 

Marriage is like a home built to code:

First you build the foundation, which means you need a good solid material – ie, the marry the right person!

Insulation is very important – be sure to make your partner feel protected and warm, and most importantly, always be installed on the right side (which is theirs)!

To be strong, two boards must lean on one another. If one board leans too hard, the other will fall over. Sometimes, with a strong wind, one board may take more of the load, but try to be sure that both sides carry the weight.

When your windows do not quite meet the energy code requirements (you make a mistake), be sure to apologize quickly and make up the deficiency in other places. Also, if your partner is the one that ordered the wrong windows, be quick to forgive.

A tight house is very important for energy efficiency, but can be eroded by keeping things hidden (like how leaky your walls actually are). Share in your deficiencies and hardships – it will make you closer and tighter.

A programmable thermostat saves energy, but sometimes makes the indoor environment stagnant. Make sure to make adjustments to increase the heat (and romance).

An energy-efficient house also needs proper maintenance. Love is not something that happens, but something that you do. Keep checking in with how the house is performing, and make adjustments and improvements as needed. Consult with experienced professionals if necessary – most people are not experts in energy codes or marriage.