Kansas Building Energy Codes

Code Level

Residential Energy Code: None Statewide

Commercial Energy Code: 2006 IECC (effective 4/10/2007) – Voluntary and Unenforceable


Authorized by – Statute. The state has technically adopted the 2006 IECC for commercial and industrial buildings, however the same law also states that "the state corporation commission has no authority to adopt or enforce energy efficiency standards for residential, commercial, or industrial structures." Jurisdictions are free to adopt that standard or any others they choose. This means that, in practice, there is no functional statewide energy code in the state of Kansas.

Oversight – None. The Energy Division of the Kansas Corporation Commission has nominal oversight of energy codes, but no power to change or enforce them.

Code change process – Legislative. To implement any changes to the Kansas energy code, legislative action would be required to either adopt a code or to give adoption authority to the state commission.

Code change cycle – None.


Enforcement – At the municipal level where an energy code has been adopted.

Implementation/Compliance Studies – There are no compliance studies taking place in Kansas.

Municipal Energy Codes

Five Largest Cities in Kansas

Residential Energy Code

Commercial Energy Code


2006 IRC, excluding energy chapter

2006 IBC, excluding energy chapter

Overland Park

2018 IECC, with amendments

2018 IECC, with amendments

Kansas City

2009 IECC

2009 IECC


2018 IECC, with amendments

2018 IECC, with amendments


2009 IECC


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