Missouri Building Energy Codes

Code Level

Residential Energy Code

None statewide.  Residential energy codes are adopted on a jurisdictional basis.

Commercial Energy Code

None statewide.  Commercial energy codes are adopted on a jurisdictional basis.


Authorized by – None. Legislation established energy requirements for state-funded buildings only. Legislation will be required to adopt a mandatory statewide energy code. Local jurisdictions may adopt their own energy code. Numerous jurisdictions throughout the state have adopted an energy code; including most major municipalities such as the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City, Springfield, Independence and Columbia.  The precise code edition enforced by the jurisdiction varies.

Oversight – None.

Code change process – Legislative. In Missouri, only the General Assembly is authorized to enact legislation to establish statewide building construction regulations and/or authorize a state agency to do so. However, there currently is no state regulatory agency authorized to promulgate, adopt or update construction codes on a statewide basis. 

Code change cycle - None.


Enforcement - Local jurisdictions are responsible for enforcing any building codes that they have adopted municipally. Below are the current energy codes for the top five jurisdictions by population.

Municipal Energy Codes

Five Largest Jurisdictions in Missouri

Residential Energy Code

Commercial Energy Code

St. Louis County

2015 IECC, slightly amended

2015 IECC, slightly amended

Jackson County

2003 IECC

2003 IECC

Kansas City

2012 IECC, moderately amended

2012 IECC

St. Charles County

2009 IECC, moderately amended

2009 IECC

City of St. Louis

2018 IECC. slightly amended

2018 IECC


Implementation/Compliance Studies – The Department of Economic Development has commissioned a study of statewide residential energy code compliance. A copy of the final report and results are forthcoming.

Primary Contacts

Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Energy

Missouri Association of Code Enforcement

Missouri Botanical Garden- Earthways Center