Nebraska Building Energy Codes

Code Level


Authorized by – Statute. The statutory authority for the Nebraska Energy Code is found in Nebraska Code 81-1608 through 81-1626. 2011's LB 329 upgraded the code from the 2003 IECC to the 2009 IECC. The energy code is mandatory statewide, though jurisdictions can adopt their own energy codes provided they are equivalent or more stringent than the statewide code.  The 2011 Nebraska Energy Code is found at Nebraska Administrative Code, Title 107.

Oversight – The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy has regulatory jurisdiction over the energy code, as well as providing technical assistance.

Code change process – Legislative. Only the Nebraska Legislature has the authority to adopt or amend the Nebraska Energy Code. The Nebraska Energy Office may work with a state senator to craft the legislative language. Once a state senator sponsors the bill, it must be approved by committee, and then by the unicameral legislature before being signed by the governor.

Code change cycle - There is no set schedule updating the energy code. The Nebraska Energy Office does review changes to the code, but any modification to the current code must be made through the legislative process.


Enforcement - Local jurisdictions enforce the Nebraska Energy Code within their boundaries.  In areas where there is no local code, the architect, engineer or prime contractor is responsible for ensuring the building meets the Nebraska Energy Code. When requested by a building owner, the Energy Office may conduct an inspection to determine if a building complies with the Nebraska Energy Code.

Codes Collaborative – The Nebraska Energy Code Compliance Collaborative was established in 2013, and is composed of a wide range of building efficiency stakeholders.  The collaborative meets quarterly at the Nebraska Energy Office in Lincoln.

Implementation/Compliance Studies – In 2011 the Nebraska Energy Office conducted a Residential Energy Code Compliance Study and in 2014 they hired Britt/Makela Group, Inc to develop a Commercial Energy Code Compliance Study in the State.

Primary Contacts

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Nebraska Code Officials Association