Commercial Training

Commercial Building Operator Training

The nation’s estimated 5.6 million commercial buildings have collectively shown substantial improvements in reducing energy intensity in recent years, but the sector remains an important target for energy efficiency opportunities. Given the number of commercial buildings, longevity of building life and diversity of building types, high-quality, energy-specific training for those who operate and manage these spaces is critical to achieving widespread savings. In particular, there is a growing need to ensure new operators are prepared to optimize facility energy use, indoor environmental quality and occupant comfort.

Building Operator Certification

The Building Operator Certification® (BOC) program achieves measurable energy savings by training individuals directly responsible for day-to-day building operations. BOC is a competency-based training and certification program that provides energy-saving operational strategies for maintenance and operations staff and technicians. BOC graduates use the tools learned in training to help their facilities save energy, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their building systems.

Training Results

Building operators using the energy-efficient procedures and tools learned in BOC training can cut electricity use by 1.5% or more.

Independent third-party evaluations have shown the average annual per participant energy savings to be 100,500 kWh and 1,400 therms per year, equivalent to $10,500 annually at average electricity rates. In addition to energy and cost-savings benefits, BOC training helps participants take greater ownership of their job, empowering them to make more decisions and be more accountable within a facility. Facility managers also recognize the benefit of the certification and see positive value in BOC-certified employees.

Our Role

The BOC program is sponsored by utilities, companies and state agencies across the Midwest. MEEA serves as the regional coordinator and facilitator for all components of the program, allowing sponsors, program implementers and participants the opportunity to collaborate toward cost- and energy-efficient building operations.

Learn More

To learn more about the BOC program or find a training near you, visit Please contact MEEA’s BOC team at or 855-420-1785.